Fan Stack (fan ring)


Sahand Afzar Pasargad’s fan stacks are produced integrated, and with GRP components. The shape of these products, and dimensional accuracy guarantee optimal aerodynamic performance of the fan. Wrong designing and dimensional inaccuracy in the fiberglass fan stacks can disrupt the cooling system by creating a vortex flow around the fan blades.

Fan stacks refer to the installation and placement of the fan in galvanized, and fiberglass cooling towers. It should be mentioned this name is used in cubic towers in which the fan seat is produced separately from the body, and are installed on the device. In circular towers the body parts are produced in one piece in a way that the location of fan on the body part to the bottom is in one piece.

Features of Sahand Afzar Pasargad Company fan stacks:

Reduction in transmission of vibration to the structure due to high strength and stiffness of the fan stack

The special shape (two-curved shell) of the fan stack that increases its efficiency

The high ratio of the strength to the weight of the GRP fan stack

High durability against destructive environmental effects such as sunlight and humidity


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