Fiberglass / GRP sheets


Sahand Afzar Pasargad casing

Casing or cooling tower covering is an important structure that keeps water cool in the catchment area. False ceiling, louvers, casing and longitude partition of the cooling tower help to maintain water in the cooling tower and its pond. Casing can be used in different parts of the cooling tower: outer casing/Scattered transverse walls/ longitude partition/ louver panel.

Sahand Afzar Pasargad louver

Louver or fiberglass sheets are protected against UV, and keep their longevity without any maintenance or repair. The louvers reduce scattering by the maximum reduction of airflow to the cooling tower.

 The fiberglass louvers of the cooling towers enhance the beauty and efficiency of each cooling tower. The edges of the louvers are easy to install while being uneven. They help reduce water splashes by providing a safe environment. The specific formulas of these parts cause very high resistance.


Among the features of these products, the following can be mentioned:

Restriction of sunlight to the cooling tower, which prevents algae growth

Longevity due to chemical and UV resistance

Prevention of waste from entering to the cooling tower

Flexibility in raw materials and dimensions, provides possibility to adapt the production of the product according to the customer’s request.

Prevention of water penetration

Low pressure reduction


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