Grid or network


 Sahand Afzar Pasargad FRP networks

There are products created by the collision of FRP rods in two or three directions. This product is made of carbon fiber, glass or aramid and epoxy resin, polyester or vinyl ester.


These networks are used in a wide range, some of them are mentioned as:

These products are used to reinforce concrete.

FRP composite networks are used in cross flow cooling towers. These networks are used to support splash fills. The lifespan and performance of splash fills are significantly increased according to FRP networks.

Grids have corrosion resistance, chemical resistance as well as high tensile strength. These products are produced using high quality polyester resins and glass fibers to meet the customers need.

FRP networks are available in different sizes.

 Sahand Afzar Pasargad FRP networks:

Due to the company’s ability to build its own templates, it can cover a wide range of sizes. This company also has the ability to produce these networks in ordered sizes.


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