GRP Panel


Sahand Afazar Pasargad GRP panels are used in a wide range of industries under the requirements of international standards. Light weight, high mechanical strength, high corrosion resistance, high resistance to chemicals such as acids, bases, solvents and petroleum products, good electrical insulation and dimensional stability at high temperatures are some of the reasons that stabilize the position of GRP panels to their steel and aluminum counterparts.

 High quality of the structure

Lack of inflammation and water absorbance in comparison with the wood

 No restrictions in designing

Ability to produce the sheets in standard sizes, various dimensions, and colors

 Suitable dimensional stability

The dimensions of composite sheets remain constant under mechanical load (even for a long time)

Beautiful product

Transparency specially in roof construction application

Product with high mechanical capabilities

Appropriate mechanical properties such as mechanical strength, impact resistance and fatigue

Fire resistant

High resistance to the fire due to the additives


Low maintenance costs due to lack of corrosion protection

Good thermal properties

Good thermal properties due to low thermal expansion coefficient

Resistant to chemical fluids

High resistance to alkaline and acidic fluids


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