GRP tanks


Sahand Afzar Pasargad GRP tanks are used by various industries because of selecting the right combination of raw materials and special design to store all kinds of fluids from drinking water and sewage to highly corrosive chemical compounds. Our GRP products have evolved over time and in line with the customers demand. Most of the tanks produced by Sahand Afzar Pasargad Company are cubic in shape, however, GRP benefits from the possibility of production in various shapes, thicknesses and in combination with other materials (metals and ceramics).

One of the great advantages of GRP composites, is the possibility of constructing a tank in any possible shape due to spatial and functional limitations. These tanks can be made in any shape, however two standing cylindrical and horizontal positions are more in demand due to the greater stability, and appropriate geometric shape.  In this regard, the Company has the ability to produce tanks with the desired dimensions of the customer.

The body of these tanks is entirely made of fiberglass, which is made of unsaturated polyester resin reinforced with glass fibers. This compound is resistant to any corrosion and decay, and is completely resistant to acids and mild bases.

Advantages of Sahand Afzar Pasargad’s tanks:

Design capability and production according to the project specifications

Suitable raw material selection based on standards

Low maintenance cost

High mechanical strength with light weight

High durability

High corrosion resistance

Quick, and easy installation

Safety and cleanliness at work


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