Fan blade


The fan blades of Sahand Afzar Pasargad Manufacturing Company are produced to be used in cooling towers. They are made of FRP and are airfoil, and aerodynamic, which reduce the weight of the fan blades and significantly reduce energy consumption. These fans are strongly resistant to humid environment and have unparalleled strength and performance, and they have long term guarantee. The fans are dynamically and statically balanced before delivery, and are finally tested, and make little noise while working at maximum speed


Features of Sahand Afzar Pasargad Company fan blades:

Light weight, and therefore needing less energy to start the fan

Easy and quick installation

Less vibration in comparison with aluminum ones and noise pollution reduction

Algae resistance due to the surface structure of the fan

Higher performance due to the increase in attack angle, and airfoil structure from the tip of the blade to the end of it

High resistance to corrosion and chemicals


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